Comprehensive Reporting

Better data leads to better decision making.

We aim to provide high level financial reporting that is transparent and cutting edge. Detailed online reporting helps our clients understand and evaluate their portfolio’s performance, allocation, and risk exposure.  Moreover, a picture of your entire net worth – across entities, custodians, partnerships, and physical assets – brings order to the complexity of your wealth.

We do not obfuscate investment performance within large custodial statements. Our performance reporting provides granular detail around individual investment performance, portfolio activity, and fees and expenses.  We create different pictures of your assets to help you see performance in a way that is customized to your situation.

Digital Experience
Online portal and phone application provide real-time access to your accounts and performance in addition to standard quarterly reporting.

Private Investments
Our performance reporting system is equipped to handle and effectively report on private funds, hard assets, private business investments, liabilities, etc.  We include more appropriate private investment metrics such as IRR, multiple on investment capital, unfunded commitments, and more.

Effective wealth management means seeing the whole picture.  We provide aggregation services across your investment custodians and assets to create one central view of your wealth.  This allows for better tracking and more meaningful decision making.

Every portfolio investment is measured against an asset-specific benchmark to help you evaluate your performance in the context of the market.  We have brought an institutionalized approach to performance measurement that we believe enhances the client investor experience.