Services and Approach


Asset Allocations that meet your objectives

We consider your risk tolerance, expectations and objectives as a foundation in developing your personal investment policy.


Professional Investment Advisors

We invest with proven investment managers who have successful track records and a clearly defined investment approach.

We perform and/or review qualitative and quantitative analyses of our investment managers to identify the managers who are best suited for our clients’ portfolios.

Performance Measurement and Reporting

We provide our clients with detailed quarterly reports that help our clients understand and evaluate their portfolio’s performance, allocation and risk assessment.

We monitor all of our investment managers on a regular basis to review, understand and evaluate their performance, positioning and consistency in applying their investment mandate.



Identifying your Investment Objectives and Financial Attitude

We work with you in defining and prioritizing your needs and assessing your tolerance for risk. These needs might include capital preservation, growth, current income, or risk diversification. An analysis of these factors provides the foundation for a cohesive investment strategy. It allows us to begin the process of summarizing your assets: liquid securities and cash as well as less liquid assets, such as family business interests, restricted stock, retirement accounts, real estate, and collectibles.

Development of an Investment Strategy

We then work with you to develop an asset allocation strategy most appropriate for you based on your investment objectives and tolerance for risk.


We act as an unbiased investment consultant in selecting top institutional portfolio managers across the various sectors of the markets as we implement your individual asset allocation. We provide our clients with access to an unusually broad range of investment and management alternatives. In addition, we provide discretionary portfolio management.

Monitor & Review

We hold all of our portfolio managers accountable for performance and adherence to individual investment mandates, on a regular basis. We provide comprehensive portfolio reporting on a quarterly basis, or more frequently depending on individual needs.


Please Note: Next Capital does not serve as an attorney, accountant or insurance agent. Next Capital does not prepare estate planning documents or tax returns, nor does it sell insurance products.